Glimpses In.

Right now, rest time is about to end.  The rain clouds just piled in thick and are emptying out while I give a listen to the newest Hem album.  For a moment, it is quiet...and then doors will open and kids will give sleepy cuddles for brief moments before the chasing and cooking and waiting-for-daddy routine ensues.  These days are filled with dollhouses, legos, and babies (for each consecutive child:).  Eadie Cate mimics our whole routine in her mini-house as it happens in real time, Levi creates worlds of "pirates, trucks, cars, & shooters", and June spends her time with her baby (potty-training, reading, diaper-changing, and singing/praying/saying nite-nite).

Those last three frames are some Dave took while I was at the grocery store with Eadie Cate.  He turned around from doing dishes and they said they were ready to 'go sledding.'  Meanwhile, I was gone with Eadie Cate for half an hour before she sighed and said, 'I miss my brother.'

This June has been better than the last as the sun makes more of an appearance. Everything is still green and 'glooming', as Eadie Cate says (she means blooming).  On the first of the month, the older two kids got to be in a wedding and the bridal party used our house to get ready, so that was all really special.   I still haven't made a summer bucket list, but I feel like I'm still in the clear....so long as I get it done by July. It will include lots of eating outside, berry-picking, hammock-sitting, day tripping, camping, etc. I hope we can make some sweet memories before we dive into school-aged life and never look back....


  1. I'm so glad you are still updating here- as this is my only way to somewhat keep in touch! I miss you all and am so sad London and Eadie Cate can't be buddies. I know they would be the best friends together!

  2. Laura,
    I found your blog from another blog's home tour. I can't find a way to contact you on here. Is there ANY way you can tell me your paint colors? Oh my goodness, i love them! my email is kat(dot)garrett@gmail.com I'm in the middle of painting our dining room a lt minty retro turquoise but am stopping b/c i just saw your blog! maybe this is Divine intervention?