Fresh Air.

Last week was a doozy.
Fevers + motherhood + crazy-chaotic-house.
Half a dozen kleenex boxes strewn everywhere, one by one.  Over and over.
And God's faithfulness abounds during even that itsy little trial.  Abounds.

But then Saturday came.
Sled Day.
And it was glorious.
And I had to make myself get in the car when it was time to leave.
Because I really wanted to just sit on that hill for three more hours and stare at that blue sky.

I think one of the best graces of losing health for a bit is that moment when it returns.  
And you are brought to tears of joy just to have the energy to prepare a meal for your family and clean the dishes and give them hugs and tell them you love them. Literally. The mundane becomes pure delight.....
Has anyone figured out how to make this last?!

Watching them grow...seeing it before my eyes.....might be one of the most surprising joys I've experienced.  They are such miracles.  Filling me up with a sense of privilege. 

Now back to Monday morning.  And so. much. laundry.
And more kleenexes everywhere.
And a flickering sense of privilege....and not just duty.
By God's grace (...& fresh air).

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  1. Those photos are beautiful! The colors are so vibrant I can understand why you would just want to sit there and stare.