Around Here.

anticipating spring.
doing laundry.
laying low.

rained all morning...now half the sky is protesting gray and turning blue.
not my favorite time of year.

and yet...how many times, years from now, will i yearn for these rainy days at home with all my little babes?  spending all their days right by my side with no other commitments or responsibilities?

the days are long. and gold. all at the same time.
it is more than i can wrap my finite head around.....

so we all just walk on.  do the next thing....
which for me is wake up all those babes; load them + dinner into the car; spend the evening with extended family.....

happy winter weekend to you and yours....


  1. I stumbled upon your blog from Alicia's blog. It's lovely and you have an adorable family! I love the pink tulips! They definitely help brighten a dreary day! I am assuming that you live in Portland. We are (hopefully) going to visit Portland in August for a few days (this will be our first visit), we live in North Carolina. We will be traveling with our four year old daughter. Would you mind to recommend a few 'kid friendly" activities. Also, we have no clue as to where we should stay.
    Thank you, Julia

  2. What lovely little memories these photos will become! Glimpses into your everyday life that will all soon begin to blend together.