Three years ago (on 8.29.09), little Levi James Everett made a quiet, surreal, amazing entrance into the world.  
  People always told me about 'mamas and their boys.'
 And, from that day on, I got it.
 He's such a gift to me.
These days, Levi.....
-you love to 'duddle.' (cuddle)
-cars, trains, & tracks are your toys of choice.
-you are hesitant & cautious.
-you really wanted a 'ate-board' (skateboard) for your birthday....but you got a bike for now.:)
-you know most colors & can count to ten.
-you love seeing 'the city', airplanes, boats, bridges, & the ocean.
-you LOVE your daddy.
-when we ask you questions during family devotions, you say 'ask didi' (eadie). (we find this hilarious.)
-you love to play with your big sister.

We don't deserve to be your parents, but are so privileged to you have you in our family.  So glad I get to be your mama. Happy 3rd, little man.

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