(We got to celebrate June's first year together with a some extended 
family on Saturday.  I think she liked it!)  

June, you have been such a delight to us....the crown of our year!  I've loved watching you sleep, hearing your Levi-induced laughs, caring for you, seeing you light up at your daddy, watching you change and grow by the week (even if you are pretty tiny:), putting you in a room with your big sister, and hearing your "mama's."  You're like sunshine in summer.  A squishy bundle of joy!

Can't wait to get to know you even more, goose.  We love you millions. ♥


  1. Happy Birthday June!

    On a side note...I think the countertops look great!

  2. What a sweet celebration for your sweet, June.

    The little peak into your kitchen is beautiful, can't wait to see more as you get settled. Hope you are enjoying getting settled in the city!