It's been a while since a "found" post.....but here's a few things we've been enjoying lately.

I listen to a LOT of worship music. Music has always been a near-constant in my life....and worship is really serving me in this season of motherhood to renew my thoughts and wash me in the Word. That said, I don't love a lot of worship music....and it tends to lose it's appeal after time (like anything else in a fallen world, I guess). I found a new-ish hymn collection from Leigh Nash (yeah, you know...."kiss me.") and we've been listening to it a lot. Eadie Cate asks for "the new Come Thou Fount" every morning.
This isn't super new, either, but I'm just now getting around to Collision....a documentary featuring atheist Christopher Hitchens (who recently passed away) and pastor Douglas Wilson as they engage in an ongoing debate about Christianity. It will leave ya feeling like you used your brain for sure:).

I also really enjoyed this post recently about shame.
And this new online mag for women called Beautifully Rooted features lots of artistic, creative, Christian women writing on various topics. I'm pretty intrigued about how creativity merges with the Christian life in an others-focused, God-glorifying way (as opposed to a materialistic, self-glorifying way)....so I look forward to reading more!!

That's all for now....
Anything you've been enjoying??

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