Rest. And Snow.

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

We who are saved find rest in Jesus. Those who are not saved will receive rest if they come to him, for here he promises to 'give' it. Nothing can be freer than a gift; let us gladly accept what he gladly gives. You are not to buy it, nor to borrow it; but to receive it as a gift. You labour under the lash of ambition, covetousness, lust or anxiety; he will set you free from this iron bondage, and give you rest. You are 'laden' -yes, 'heavy laden' with sin, fear, care, remorse, fear of death; but if you come to him, he will unload you. He carried the crushing mass of our sin, that we might no longer carry it.
He made himself that great Burden-bearer, that every heavy-laden one might cease from bowing down under the enormous pressure.

Jesus gives rest. It is so. Will you believe it? Will you do so at once? Come to Jesus, by quitting every other hope, by thinking of him, believing God's testimony about him, and trusting everything with him. If you thus come to him, the rest which he will give you will be deep, safe, holy, and everlasting. He gives a rest which develops into heaven, and he gives it this day to all who come to him.

-C.H. Spurgeon

It's a slow, quiet Monday here. The sky has been spitting snow (my first Oregon snow, at that), and the little eyes around are intrigued...pulling up chairs to stare out the window and observe the millions swirling around the sky. (Have you ever read about snowflakes? They really are such amazing little pieces of art. And I never really knew about them until recently....)

So life is good. Slow in some ways, and yet bustling in others. There is a prospect on the horizon to move into a home of our own by April, and although the process has seemed quick and a little overwhelming, I am beginning to pinch myself with excitement. We'll see how that goes.....

In the meantime, it's just mitten-puppets & a baby going mobile & laundry & slippers & messy floors & lots of kid laughter & burden-casting rest.

Happy Monday. ♥

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