When Left Alone.


It has been quite a week. Turns out the stomach flu made it's way through the whole family (minus June!) while my mom was here visiting from Tennessee. Thankfully, we were still able to see Portland and celebrate our own "faux-Christmas" morning together.....and she never got sick, either. Small miracles.

Tonight, however, has been a change of pace. The kids are on the mend and sleeping, my husband is doing the guy thing, my house is quiet, and I am all to myself. (Well, except for one little helper....)
A quiet evening has quickly translated itself into dark chocolate and Little Women and felt bow-making and gift-wrapping.
I think of Little Women as a Christmas movie......is that weird? But I love it any time of year. "We bear our souls and tell the most appalling secrets." "Don't say blast and wretch!" "Butter! Oh, isn't butter divinity?" "I don't want to die. I've never even been kissed. I've waited my whole life to be kissed and what if I miss it?" "Don't let the sun go down upon your anger; forgive each other, help each other, and begin again tomorrow."
It may be the only movie from the 90's I can see myself watching for the next 20 years.....

On another sidenote, this is the most marvelous candle. It's from Target:).
I guess that's enough rambling from me. Hope you readers are having a splendid, joyous, peace-in-your-soul kind of holiday as you anticipate the Savior's birth.


  1. I wish we could have spent the evening together! I am glad you all are better...we are starting to get the sick bug here (not fun). I love Little Women and I think it will be a movie I watch with my "Little Women" every year. Also, great minds think alike, because my presents are wrapped in brown paper too! love you soooo....

  2. Laura-Little Women is one of my favorite movies! And I say Blast! Another quote (or maybe misquote) "I just love limes-Aren't limes divine?"