Our Woodland Family.

Last night was a fun change of pace.....costumes, cider, soup in the front yard, & a little door-to-door collecting. We attempted to get to know some neighbors and try to make some connections with folks after reading this. Although we did get to speak with a couple of neighbors for longer than 10 seconds, it kind of bombed! Maybe we'll do better next year...

The little owls and gnome had a pretty good evening, though....and (after a long, discouraging day of parenting) this mama had a good time just enjoying each other.

P.S. The owl outfits were made from felt & the gnome outfit was pre-made (and so cute!). Also, we got the family photo by having a remote for our camera like this one. It is a great, inexpensive tool for taking a family picture when no one else is around! And we usually take 50.....ya know, so there are some fun outtakes!


  1. I love it! Levi is hilarious!

  2. Love the costumes and your family photo is super fun and fall-y looking!

  3. the girls look cute, but why didn't you dress levi up?

  4. bah! these are so cute laura!!!!
    the costumes AND the photos.