Our First Home.

I have been slowly scouring through old photos and trying to make sure that what we have is organized well and backed up. One folder was entirely full of photos we got from Dave's mom and, while browsing, I found these old pics of our first house before we did anything to it. It was sweet nostalgia remembering how different it looked when we first bought it, and how all I could see was a beautiful cottage with tons of potential! When we look at it now, we think we were probably in a little over our heads:). But thanks to Dave's parents, and lots of friends' help, and my studly hard-working husband......I think we made it shine.

For kicks and giggles, I thought it would fun to post the pictures from the very beginning and the very end. Unfortunately, the images are really low quality. I am *officially* not trying to impress anyone with some amazing photography here:)....but I'm really just so thankful to have these, even after the hard-drive crash. When I look at these, I don't just see remodeled spaces, but a story of the time we spent there. I have so many memories attached to these rooms and such thankfulness for our time there. Undeserved goodness from a gracious God.....

Master Bedroom
Kids' Room
Living Room


  1. remember how we tried to put ever joy in that bouncy contraption so i could help you paint...and that didn't work...and the kids room was red for awhile??? wow it turned out so cute! our family has great memories from times we spent in your first home in TN. looking forward to some great times in OR...

  2. I did not get to see the kids' room once you went co-ed. It turned out so cute!

  3. A different lenses makes a whole lot of difference, eH!? Talked with Tara last night and I saw the photos on her phone from her trip out west. Oh man. Sigh....

  4. I have never seen the before pictures. You guys really did a lot to that house. I'm so glad you have those pictures! We have memories there too- it kind of makes me sad to look at these and know we won't be there again... (I had no idea how sentimental I was)! Miss you guys!