It Has Come.

Well, my first Oregon fall is upon us.....the temperatures are dropping, while gray skies & puddles abound. October 1st literally ushered it in (sunny and beautiful all last week) and I think it is here to stay. So far, it has been really cozy and delightful.....and when it necessitated digging out a hat for the littlest member of the family, I wasn't too disappointed.

This little hat was my first circular knitting project from a couple of winters ago that I (tediously) made hoping it would fit Eadie Cate. It didn't.

It sat in a drawer since then, but it was fun digging it out this weekend and (to my delight) seeing it fit perfectly on June's little head. Sorry for the plethora of pictures....I was just enjoying all her little expressions. Happy Autumn.

1 comment:

  1. You did a really good job on that hat!
    I can't get over how different June looks from the others. Plans to come back and visit any time soon? October has been really nice here... ;)