Our days are such a mix of the mundane and overwhelmed-survival-mode simultaneously. I've been graciously warned by plenty that adding a third kid can take a while to adjust to, and I certainly feel like I am still juggling more than I have hands for. Of course, God is gracious to give hope and joy and grace....especially when I remember my NEED for Him....and how much I have to be THANKFUL for....and how GOOD He is to me. But I am certainly a work in progress....with a long way to go. Motherhood is humbling.

Anyway, here's a little glimpse into our 'lately'.

Baby June looked like this for a few days....super sad because of a cold. And I joined her. We've been a sorry lot, but so far no one else has gotten it!
Dave and I got to go on our first date without June in tow this week thanks to this gem of a friend....
We went to the record store and listened to these....
and ending up leaving with this because we just knew it'd be marvelous.
and it was.
Then, we drank a mocha in the old city....and wondered if it might be our last time there. So strange to think about. The old city was the first place I remember visiting in Knoxville with Dave. I think we were still dating, and we came to New City Cafe (when it was still on the corner!) to see Matthew Perryman Jones perform. I had my first slice of Barley's pizza.....first slice of many since. Aaaaand (if that wasn't enough) we ventured over to the Botanic Garden after that....the best kept secret in Knoxville. It was so peaceful....a blowing summer evening breeze....so refreshing to be outdoors with my husband's company.
Here's one of Eads....she is 3 going on 16 lately. I'm hoping that it's just a phase. But it's certainly hilarious.
Last night, we watched this movie. Dave got it randomly and after he told me what it was about, I thought it sounded like a total dud. I was wrong. Great story.
Oh, and our house is under contract.
"The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases" Prov 21:1.
It doesn't make any sense how fast it all happened and all I can keep thinking is "God can do WHATEVER He wants."

We are thankful. And amazed. And praying everything continues to go smoothly.

Have a great holiday weekend, friends!


  1. We loved Get Low as well. A friend of mine was an extra in the funeral scene!

  2. Congrats on your house being under contract! I remember when Lincoln joined our family I felt like we were running through life, always trying to catch up and always leaving a mess behind us. Throw in finishing up a house, putting it on the market and moving and it all felt very overwhelming. The help that all of our friends and family gave us during that time constantly reminded me that we had God's grace to carry us through those crazy times and we were not alone.

    Thanks for the music and movie recommendations!

    PS I'm adding your blog to me reader, it's about time already!