It's Official

Well, after moving in that wintry day right before Christmas over five years ago, our house is now on the market. We were SO thrilled to find this little place for just the two of us...and now we're leaving as a family of five. (five!) I have such mixed feelings about seeing the sign out front (excitement, hope, nostalgia, etc.). I definitely didn't expect to be leaving any time soon, but "the heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps." He has been so good to us here, and will be so good in the future.

Now we wait for an offer. We enjoy the last few weeks we have here. We recount what we can, and make more memories until the truck pulls away. As much as I've enjoyed it, it really is just a house...."four walls and a roof" as dave says. The most important things I think about when I look at this picture are all going to Portland.

p.s. A friend linked to this blog yesterday and when I saw it, I knew I had to rip off the idea. What a great way to document memories and the passage of time.....it probably won't be the last you see of it around here:).


  1. Love that photo idea! Thanks for sharing such a great find! That is adorbs!

  2. Moving huh?
    LOVE the photo on this post. VERY creative!!! so cool!