Made for Baby.

I can't say I've completed even a small percentage of all the cute ideas I've bookmarked and hoped to make a baby girl, but I have tried to take a little time out and put a few things together for June. I know how fast the newborn phase goes by (and how little time I'll probably have for crafting over the next several months), so here's my little attempt to make a few personal things....it was fun:).

bibs from scraps and vintage napkins...
a knit sack I actually made when I was pregnant with Levi and didn't know what I was having....this time gussied up with a few flowers.
burp cloths (scrap fabric and a vintage sheet backed with flannel).
flower onesie and headband....
I'm starting to feel a bit "ready" for this little one's arrival. I'm not sure I'll ever feel completely prepared with two little ones running around already, but June is welcome to our chaos and I can't wait to meet her!!!


  1. Nice crafting! I love your knit sack with little flowers. So sweet!

  2. wow, i wish you had an etsy account for something of these wonderful crafts!! I would be buying out your store! :) so cute, June is already SOOO loved!

  3. Those are gorgeous things for your little girl :)

  4. Laura, soooo CREATIVE MY LITTLE DAUGHTER. Baby June will look adorable in these new threads. You are so talented. I really like the oneies with the flower and headband with the flowers also. Have you thought about making hairclips with flowers from knitting materials? That would so great too. I can not wait until Baby June arrives, can not wait to meet her also. Mom

  5. You are amazing. I love it all. It makes me want a little girl even more.

  6. Laura..SO cute! You've done such a good job creating for your little one. :)