The Little People.

I haven't posted much about the kids lately, but they are certainly where my time has been spent...
They are always changing and growing quickly. It can feel like a whirlwind between trying to get some rest during these last days of pregnancy, enjoying these two, training them, appreciating all the joys of watching them change, preparing our home for the upcoming transition, and the normal cares of life. I am reminded of my need for the Lord's grace and seeing how easily I can make the unimportant important. But His grace is sufficient, and I have been so encouraged (and humbled) these past few weeks.
These first few pictures of Levi are so sweet to me. For some reason, as soon as I've pulled out the camera recently, he has made this funny little smile. It's not his real smile and I've never coached him to "say cheese" or that sort of thing; it's like his own little game.

These are just from breakfast on the porch the other morning. Spring is in full swing and it's delightful:). Eadie Cate has been a huge help with her brother lately and loves to mother him. I can only imagine what she'll be like with June:).

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    Those are great and a great way to start my day