25 Weeks.

Happy Monday, friends. I am 25 weeks along now and getting excited about preparing for baby June....and realizing I have 15 weeks (or less!). I know it will fly by....and soon enough she'll be sitting here next to me like Eadie Cate saying things like, "What a beautiful J for baby June, mom."

I got to be in church yesterday for the first time in several weeks, and I'm feeling so refreshed this morning remembering my need for the gospel, and for the conviction that His word & His Spirit brings....along the unworthiness I possess to have any hope in this world. My sin is vast and worse than I know, but I'm so thankful it's covered in His blood and removed, far as east is from west. Sweet news for us this morning, huh?

I'm also in a small "waiting room" of sorts....our external hard drive crashed last week. The one with ALL our pictures and all our music (we have lots on ipods, though), among other documents, etc. A friend is going to try a recover everything for us....will you say a prayer for that? I know it's so, so small and insignificant in light of eternity.....but I treasure those pictures. If nothing else, at least we'll have the blog from this year.....

And that's about allllll, folks. G'day!

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