Counting Down

Here are some festive pics from our house lately....in reality, there are wrapping paper messes & toys everywhere, but I just cropped that out:).
We are staying home for the holidays this year, AND there is a 70% chance of SNOW on Saturday. That would be a first white Christmas for me, so I'm crossing my fingers.
Uuuuummmm....she poses now, apparently.
Love this little man. Have I ever mentioned that?
So thankful for our Savior's birth! Isn't it amazing that Israel waited for HUNDREDS OF YEARS in faith that He would come, believing in the promises and the prophecies?? And then He came!

Now we wait for His return, just as Israel waited for His coming. And one day He will come again and finish the story for good. I am bound, I am bound, I am bound for the promised land....

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  1. Those Christmas stockings are darling! We're hoping for a white Christmas as well.