Sibling Love

Memorial Day morning for us meant drinking coffee with my man....slow and lazy.....while our babies shared a pillow and blanket and watched cartoons. For some reason, this was like a parental-moment-milestone-memory for me. Watching these two become friends and their absolute love for each other is something I've never experienced (being an only child)....and I am in awe watching it unfold. I know the days are coming where they will pull each other's hair out and steal each other's toys, but I find myself praying so often that they will be best friends.

I also had to post this when I realized that Levi happened to be holding an 8 when Dave took this picture. It was during his last few days as an 8 month old. And just. like. that....he's three-quarters of the way to ONE.

Enough about babies. Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

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